Giving with Heartscape

for special occasions or spontaneously

Your personal message

with a few handwritten words

A loving song

says more than a thousand words

The sparkling piece of jewellery

will remind you forever of this special moment

Welcome to the world of Heartscape

Heartscape presents the gift of a small, enchanting piece of jewellery with catchy music and matching, elaborate illustrations.

Enhanced by a few personal lines on a small gift card inside, heartscape becomes a very individual message for the recipient.

... For Lovers

Love. It is the most important component of every human being's life. For decades it has inspired poets and thinkers. It is no coincidence that it is the subject of most books, films and poems.

Happiness, butterflies, and deep affection applies to the most important people in our lives and carries us.

How important it is to celebrate these feelings in everyday life!

... For Friends

To consciously experience the small and big moments of happiness in everyday life, to focus on the beautiful things - just all these things for which it is worthwhile to smile and give every single day the chance to become one of the most beautiful.

... For Events

Today everything is different. Congratulations and gifts for family and friends to celebrate the day with:

  • Birthday
  • Mother's Day
  • Confirmation/communion
  • Anniversary
  • ...

We celebrate that we live and that each of us is unique and distinctive.

About heartscape

“We create emotions.
With jewellery, music and an individual message.”

We have been producing all kinds of chains for over 100 years. With the heartscape brand, we now want to offer a unique jewellery experience. Love and friendship - we should celebrate and enjoy them more often together. Heartscape as a gift sends the message: "You are important to me!"

Through our many years of experience, heartscape combines tradition and jewellery expertise with innovation and modern design. We ensure high standards and quality for all our products.

Not only the chain is sparkling. Heartscape Jewellery only uses crystals from Swarovski® in order to guarantee you a beautiful, lasting shine.

The illustrations in the cards were drawn by hand and seduce the viewer in a playful way, in harmony with the music. They ensure that heartscape gifts have such a personal and affectionate affect on the recipient.



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